29 August 2017

Acronis True Image 2018 – should I upgrade?

Wow, I haven't added any posts to this blog since June 2009, so here goes …

I’ve been sing various versions of Acronis True Image for approaching a decade now.

Since Acronis True Image 2018 was released a week or so ago, I’m evaluating the new features and improvements mentioned in the announcement.

(More to follow soon).

08 June 2009

For a number of years I've been using and testing a range of backup and recovery tools (some free, some retail) for Windows, and it just occurred to me that I should share my experiences to add to "the corpus of knowledge" about them in the blogosphere.

If anybody gleans some useful info and ideas, or learns about a backup tool that they hadn't heard of before, then this blog will have been worth its while.

I'll add posts when I get a burst of inspiration, and whenever I can find the time.

Some of the backup products that I might find time to discuss here are: NTI Shadow, FileHamster, FBackup, SecondCopy, Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image Home, AceBackup, Cobian Backup, GetData's Recover My Files, Live File Backup, ParetoLogic Data recovery, PC Inspector Smart Recovery, Second Backup, Smart NTFS Recovery, VCOM Autosave, Karen Kenworthy's "Replicator" (one of her many free Power Tools), and maybe others.

Some of the above I've only ever evaluated and never used to do real work, others I have used seriously and found them wanting (sometimes seriously deficient, to the point of unusability or even harm), while a handful I have come to trust and would recommend that you at should at least test them them yourself against your own PC environment and backup/ recovery requirements.

I'll include links that I come across to articles. blogs, wikis and other resources that are relevant to this blog's theme of backup and recovery in general, and to Windows software tools for doing so in particular. To start off, here's Gizmo Richards' list of best free backup programs.